March 02, 2015
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Right To Work Information for LU 494 Members

February 27, 2015

To:  All 494 Members

Right-to-Work was fast tracked and passed by the Senate, will soon pass in the Assembly and will be signed into law by Governor Walker quickly. So what does this mean as a member of Local 494? To 99% of our members, this means absolutely nothing. It is business as usual. No action is required on your part and you will continue to be an active member and participate in all the benefits afforded a member of Local 494. It’s that simple, that’s it!

If however, you are the type of person who likes to game the system and take advantage of others for your personal gain, RTW has opened the door for you. Such exploiters will now be able to turn their back on their brothers and sisters, thumb their nose at our Union forefathers who fought for our wages and benefits, and request what can reasonably be labeled a “freeloader” status. RTW gives a person the ability to renounce the Union and get a free ride on the backs of others. All of the benefits that are afforded us under the terms of our Agreements are extended to these folks “free” of charge. For these few, they will be required to go through the necessary steps in order to take advantage of this non-payer status. However, the consequences of this decision should not be taken lightly.  Many benefits accrue from membership - which are jeopardized by making this decision. The lost benefits include the following:
-   Loss of IBEW Pension
-   Loss of International Death Benefit
-   Loss of Local Sick & Accident Benefit
-   Loss of Local 494 Death Benefit
-   Cannot Hold Any Union Position
-   Cannot Vote For Union Officials
-   Cannot Vote On Contract Ratification
-   Banned From Union Meetings
-   Banned From ALL Union Activities; Zoo Picnic, Golf, Bowling, Holiday Party…
-   Banned From Union Education Opportunities
-   Excluded From Receiving all Union Correspondence & Newsletters
-   Intangible but Irreplaceable Loss of IBEW Fraternal Affiliation & Pride

Please do not hesitate to call or email me with any of your questions or concerns.


John Bzdawka
Business Manager

Oppose Right to Work

Please click onto this site and vote against RTW the republicans in the assembly are trying to pull a fast one. They’ve started a web page asking people to vote for RTW legislation with a misleading statement. We need to fight back please sign on to State Rep. Peter Barca’s page opposing the bill.  Click link below to Oppose RTW.

Bus Schedule to Madison Saturday 2-28-15

To: Members of the WI AFL-CIO Political Steering Committee

We have locked down details on our buses from Eau Claire and La Crosse, which are below.  


Departure Location: Milwaukee Area Labor Council – 633 S. Hawley Road, Milwaukee, WI 53214

Departure Time: 9am

Contact: Emily Kitchin –


Kenosha Stop

Departure Location: UAW Local 72 – 3615 Washington Road, Kenosha, WI (Please park on SW end of parking lot)

Departure Time: 8am

Contact: Justin Geiger –

Racine Stop

Departure Location: Hwy 11 Park & Ride – Sturtevant, WI

Departure Time: 8:30am

Contact: Justin Geiger –

Central WI

Wausau Stop

Departure Location: Wausau Labor Temple – 318 S. 3rd Avenue, Wausau, WI

Departure Time: 7:15 am

Contact: Sabrina Johnson –

Stevens Point Stop

Departure Location: TBD

Departure Time: 8:15 am

Contact: Sabrina Johnson –

Wisconsin Rapids Stop

Departure Location: Laborers Hall – 220 Johnson Street, WI Rapids, WI

Departure Time: 9am

Contact: Sabrina Johnson –

Eau Claire

Eau Claire

Departure Location: Eau Claire Labor Temple; 2233 Birch Street; Eau Claire, WI 54703

Departure Time: 8 am

??Contact: Andy Thompson -

La Crosse/Sparta/Mauston

La Crosse Stop

Departure Location: Valley View Mall (Behind the Texas Roadhouse), La Crosse, WI

Departure Time: 8:30 am

Contact: Andy Thompson - (RSVP Required)

Sparta Stop

Departure Location: Sparta Family Restaurant, 741 Avon Road, Sparta, WI

Departure Time: 9 am

Contact: Andy Thompson - (RSVP Required)

Mauston Stop

Departure Location: Kwik Trip, 611 WI-82, Mauston, WI

Departure Time: 10 am

Contact: Andy Thompson - (RSVP Required)

Bus to Madison, Saturday 2/28/15

 There will be two buses going to Madison on Saturday that will be filled through reservations on a first come, first serve basis. You can reserve a spot on the bus by emailing me at Feel free to share with any interested members. Here are the details:

Milwaukee Bus to Madison

Saturday, February 28th

Departs Milwaukee at 9:00am

Departs Madison at 3:30pm

Milwaukee Area Labor Council

633 S. Hawley Rd. Milwaukee


Internationally Respected Economist 'Right-­to-­Work' Wrong for Wisconsin

Monday, January 26, 2015
(608) 258-7131

Internationally Respected Economist:
“Right-to-Work” Wrong for Wisconsin

Marquette University professor releases report, RTW provides
“No economic advantage to Wisconsin”

(MADISON, WI) – A recently released study shows that Right to Work (RTW) is “shortsighted and a superficial selling point” according to Dr. Abdur Chowdhury, professor of economics at Marquette University.

Dr. Chowdhury is the former chair of the economics department at Marquette, served as chief economist for the United Nations Economic Commission in Europe for five years and was appointed to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Academic Advisory Council. Dr. Chowdhury specializes in the areas of U.S. macro-economy, international finance and global economic issues.

“Our findings show that Right to Work places downward pressure on wages and erodes the quality of a state’s labor force by encouraging the best and brightest to migrate to states where wages are higher,” says Dr. Chowdhury. “RTW laws reduce wages and cause income and spending to decline. This in turn means lower income, less income tax revenue, and less spending which translates into lower sales tax receipts.”

The study, entitled “The Potential Effects of Right to Work Law in Wisconsin“, was released January 25, 2015. The study illustrates the direct and indirect impact of Right to Work on income in Wisconsin, loss of Wisconsin income tax revenue if implemented and why a Right to Work law would be detrimental to Wisconsin’s economy.

Some key findings of the study include:

  • The net loss in direct and indirect income to Wisconsin workers and their families would vary from $5.84 to $7.23 billion annually.
  • The economic loss in Wisconsin income taxes is estimated between $234 and $289 million per year.
  • Unionization rates in RTW states are less than half of what they are in Collective Bargaining (CB) states.
  • Wages are lower in RTW states than CB states.
  • RTW increases gender and racial wage inequality.
  • RTW increases workplace fatalities.

“Simply stated, RTW legislation would provide no discernible overall economic advantage to Wisconsin,” added Dr. Chowdhury. “But it does impose significant social costs.”

Steve Lyons, spokesperson for the, Wisconsin Contractor Coalition (WCC), stated, “Dr. Chowdhury’s report is very consistent with numerous studies done throughout the country. That is why hundreds of Wisconsin private businesses such as those in the WCC are so concerned about the negative impact of RTW legislation.”

Dr. Chowdhury’s report can be read in full at


2nd Annual Weight Loss Challenge


I want to start by saying Happy New Year to all my 494 brothers and sisters.  I hope you have a great holiday season. 

As we begin 2015, the Wellness Committee wants to encourage active family-friendly events throughout the year for our members and their families and we’re asking for your suggestions. Your input is highly appreciated. 

February 5th from 4-7, we will hold the weigh-in for our 2nd annual 12 week Weight Loss Challenge which is open to 494 members and their families. Challenge categories will be the same as last year; greatest weight loss by an individual male/female, teams of four and children 17 and younger. Final weigh-ins will be held May 1st thru May 6th, 2015, and the winner’s will be announced on Thursday May 7th during the General Membership union meeting.

In addition we will have NURTUR on site to do full body assessments if you wish. They will check your cholesterol, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI) and weight.  If you plan to participate in the full body assessment, please let me know so we can make sure NURTUR has enough staff on site. Each assessment will take about 15 minutes. Prizes for the challenge will be announced in the February newsletter and on the 494 web page.

On March 21st, Local 494 will be sponsoring members for the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb at the US Bank building (1034 steps).  We invite you to be part of team IBEW and to challenge yourself, your coworkers, spouse, and kids. This will undoubtedly be a fun experience.

Local 494 is also looking for participants for potential team sponsorship opportunities:
-    The Spartan obstacle race at Miller Park on May 23rd
-    Any other team sport or activity that you might participate in 
All you have to do is put together a team, and the Wellness Committee will consider sponsoring it.   
Please contact Business Rep. Robert Turner at 414-327-5202 or email: with any questions.

Click here to sign up for the 2015 Weight Loss Challenge!

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